Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Germany Trip Planning Part 02

Hallo, mein geliebter leser... i'm back for Germany trip preparations...
after discussion with my hubby regarding our trip to Germany, we've decided to travel to Germany only.. memandangkan we'll travel for 14 days and takut tak sempat nak visit the other countries sebagaimana yang telah dirancang sebelum ni.. lagipun our main target adalah nak visit Germany... better kami tour Germany je dulu.. next time baru jelajah ke negara lain pulak.. *doa2kan rancangan ini berjaya.. amin*

Cadangan laluan perjalanan from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt

Rancangan perjalanan kami dari Kuala Lumpur - Dusseldorf - Cologne - Gelsenkirchen - Hamburg - Berlin - Munich - Stuttgart - Frankfurt - Kuala Lumpur. wah macam sempat je.. ok kami kena budget dari segi mase to stay each place and to make sure every perjalanan by train akan mengambil mase brape lama. We'll travelling more than twice by train in Germany and we choose German rail pass which is the cheapest way to multiple journey. What we'll get from German Rail Pass is:
1. Destinations : unlimited travel on the nation rail network or Germany
2. Travel : 3 to 10 days within 1 month
3. Class of service : 1st and 2nd class
4. Discounts : Child (6-11), Youth (12-25), Twin (2 people travelling together)
and much more..

source :

harga untuk GRP ini untuk 10 hari lebih kurang RM1600++ for 2 persons which is lebih murah kalau compare beli ticket point to point adalah lebih mahal.. 

i've to go now... setakat ni je info yang i dapat.. kalau ade sesape nak share.. silalah share ye.. daaaaa...

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