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Germany Trip Planning Part 03 | Dusseldorf

Hallo.. Let's start our trip planning.. We gonna fly from Kuala Lumpur to Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS) and continuing our journey to Altstadt (Old Town), Dusseldorf... from airport to reach here kite boleh naik U-bahn (subway) to Heinrich-Heine-Allee station.. perjalanan by subway dari airport ke Altstadt lebih kurang 20 minit dan ticket price lebih kurang EUR14.00  (MYR70++) for single trip for 2 persons..

pic source from google map
inilah dia view kat Heinrich-Heine-Allee station... ok dah dapat bayangan dah.. area Altstadt ni ade banyak hotel dan budget hotel.. dan distant untuk ke tempat2 menarik pun tak jauh boleh jalan kaki je...

Places to visit

The Look of Altstadt
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Altstadt (Old Town)
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Dusseldorf, Rheinpromenade 
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Where to stay

AltDusseldorf Hotel
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Altstadt Hotel Rheinblick

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Nichtraucher-Hotel An Der Oper

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So far yang dapat cari dengan harga yang murah iaitu dalam lingkungan EUR50-60 (MYR250-300) per night.. ni pun cari kat ni kira harga yang paling murah la..  tak pe nanti kite survey lagi kot kot ade yang lagi murah ke...

Dusseldorf Warning or dangers
Review from other tourist about Dusseldorf U-bahn (Dusseldorf Subway) ...

'40 Euros Fine on the U-bahn!!

Visitors to Dusseldorf using the U-bahn must be very careful to have their tickets stamped in a specific way, using the red ticket machines. These ticket machines are located at the entry to platforms and on the trains themselves - but there is nothing to say how this system works.

I found this out to my cost after having to pay a 40 euros fine for not having my ticket stamped IN THE SPECIFIED WAY - despite the fact that the ticket itself was valid! I had just arrived in Germany the day before and this was my first trip on the U-bahn. I bought my "4er" ticket from a station kiosk but nobody bothered to explain how the ticket needed stamping and what the severe fines were for not doing so. I went on the train with the ticket and then, part way into the journey, the ticket inspectors arrived. As my ticket was not stamped, they insisted I pay the 40 euros fine. I argued that there were no signs or notices showing the stamping system, and how was I as a visitor supposed to know this? After more than 30 minutes of argument, during which time they confiscated my passport and displayed an extremely rude manner, I was forced to pay up or be arrested. They had absolutely no latitude for commonsense whatsoever, and no amount of argument will move them

Vistors to Dusseldorf using the U-bahn - BE WARNED!!'

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it's very helpful.. thanks for the info.. oh baru i teringat the system adalah same macam di Holland... ticket kena stamp mase naik public transport... mesti kena ingat tu... nanti tak pasal2 kena denda...

ok nanti kite buat research lagi okeh.... daaaa... :)

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